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 Jeneé Darden

Journalist, Author Speaker & Radio Host

Public speaker and journalist Jenee Darden

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Author and podcast host Jenee Darden


Hi, I'm Jeneé Darden. Thank you for checking out my website. I'm an award-winning journalist, author, public speaker, mental health advocate, and proud native of Oakland, Calif.

As a journalist I get to interview amazing people such as world-renowned artists, activists serving their communities, leaders and celebrities. Reporting and telling others' stories to the public is an honor. 


My 10+ years of speaking on mental health means a lot to me because I share knowledge and encouragement that I needed when I was going through my struggles. You can read about that on my blog and in my book When a Purple Rose Blooms, a womanist collection of poems and essays. 

I write about joyful things too. When the mic is off and my pen is down, I love to go to the beach, dance, read and watch superhero films. The pandemic is slowly turning me into a Trekker  because I've been watching Star Trek: The Original Series and Deep Space Nine a lot. That's another conversation 😉.


Read my full bio for more about my life and what I do. Thanks again for stopping by. 

Doing What I Love 

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